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Friday, June 21, 2013

Sexy Bikinis

Sexy Bikinis - For Decades, They Have Adorned Lovely Women
Everyone likes to see beautiful girls wearing sexy bikinis. Sexy in this case often seems to be equated with the minimum amount of fabric. Many bikinis have just about enough material to make a small and dainty handkerchief. Most girls seem to think that the less they are wearing, the sexier they look, but this isn't necessarily true, especially if your body isn't absolutely perfect.
The most important sexual organ that a man possesses is his brain. Once he's filled his eyes with that sexy body that he can see almost all of at a glance as he walks along the beach, there isn't much more for his brain to get going on. So think about standing out from the crowd by wearing a two piece that covers up just that bit more.
Think back to Ursula Andress in the iconic scene in the James Bond Movie, Dr. No. She comes out of the water, dripping wet, having been diving for shellfish. Her white bikini is not that skimpy by today's standards, but wow! She looks amazing! And this is a key point for anyone thinking about buying a bikini - buy one which isn't just skimpy, but which suits your body shape. If you have great cleavage, but are a little less than perfect around the waist, then go for a revealing top and a high waisted bottom. If you have gorgeous legs but a flat top, then go for a tankini style. Many bikinis have built in support, so older women can get in on the fun too!
Remember that what goes for all clothes, goes for sexy bikinis too. The style and color are what's important. You should pick something that looks good with your shape and coloring. For example, if you're a pale skinned redhead, you'll probably be picking those jewel like blues and greens which look so great by the water, and you also may want to cover up a bit more. If you have fabulous ebony skin, then you can go ahead with vivid pinks, yellows and white, to make a stunning ocean side impression.
Sexy isn't necessarily about revealing all. So your body is less than perfect. Wear the bikini which conceals your imperfections, and hints at your perfections. A sarong wrapped over a bikini looks great, and conceals a multitude of problems such as fleshy thighs and legs with thread veins.
Of course, the best accessory for any sexy bikini is a good tan. It's wise to tan carefully, using a sun bed to gently build up your body's natural sun protection. Sunburn is not a sexy look, so don't be tempted to expose your skin for too long in the sun. Always use a high SPF sun cream and err on the side of caution when exposing your body to the sun - after all, it spends most of the time wrapped up against the elements, in all probability.
Along with your sexy bikini, choose some great accessories. A big floppy hat, designer sunglasses, a cute straw beach bag, chunky jewelry and dainty mules are all favorites. This year, the retro look is to the fore, as are animal prints, so you can really enjoy accessorizing with vintage pieces found in flea markets and thrift stores. offers information regarding sexy bikinis. For more on designer swimwear, please visit us at

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