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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The best summer dress collection I found

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              The best summer dress collection I found
Today I came back with The best summer dress collection I found  and I hope you like it 

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Perfect thing to wear to go out in a summer day

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The  Perfect thing to wear to go out in a summer day and advises
I was really nervous about what I was going to wear to go out  but I found what I was searching for . ;) 

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How to Shop for Cheap Going Out Dresses

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Every girl is constantly on the look-out for a nice going out dress that won't cost a fortune and how right they are too. Why spend loads on a dress that maybe you will only wear once and hide away for winter when you can just as easily get a whole wardrobe for the entire year at a bargain price? OK, we understand that when we say 'cheap' most people would automatically assume that because it is lower in price the quality of the garment with be awful, however this is not the case. Good quality items at bargain price are always available on the market; it is just a case of where to look. So here are a few tips on how to find that amazing going out dress and outfit which is guaranteed to get you seen at a bargain price.
What Style? - So, before diving into the world of bargain hunting it is always a wise idea to make a decision on what style of dress it is you are after. Be sure it is a style that suits your figure and gives you amazing curves in all the right places. It might be a glorious floor length evening dress or maybe a cheeky, close fitting mini strapless dress. But once you have made your decision, finding that perfect little number that will make you look stunning will be a breeze. Do not forget however that you can enhance the look of any dress you choose by adding a bolero or high waist jacket both of which can also be found at lower prices and at various places on the market.
Price Range - Drawing up a logical budget can help you to narrow down your choices making it easier for you to select your final purchase. Most shops whether they be on the high street or even online have a wide range of products at lower prices so be sure to shop around instead of diving right in. If you already know what style you want then hunt around for stores that have it within your price range. Do be sure to make your price range realistic, styles and fabrics can alter the cost of garments so make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. Don't forget bidding sites! These are a great way to find outfits at an even lower price, just make sure you check the postage as it can sometimes sting you!
Where to Shop?- As said previously most high street shop and online shops have an array of products at cheaper prices. Be sure to look out for so many % off sales and buy on get one free offers. Some shops will often do under a certain price sale so why not have a good rummage on the rails and see what is available? Online shopping is great for bargain hunters. With so many sites to choose from (and some of them being bidding sites which means you can haggle) the mass amount of clothing can sometimes cause customers to become indecisive, so again it is wise to narrow down your search objective. Having said that though, finding a few similar items on a bidding site and comparing the prices can keep even more money in your back pocket.
Accessorize - Your cheap going out dress can be made even more stunning by contrasting it with jewelry, hair pieces, shoes and bags. Your accessories also do not have to cost the earth. The amount of cheap jewelry that is on the market can be very over looked. So why not have a gander in local markets or even hand-made items which will make your dress stand out beautifully as well as leave your bank balance in a healthy state. Or even match your existing accessories with the style of dress you have chosen. Not only does this save you more money in the long run but it gives those beautiful and colorful items a chance to sparkle instead of hiding away in the jewelry box.
To summarize, try your best to choose your desired style outfit before heading out into the streets, unless maybe you have found something while you have been out hunting, in which case even better. Set your price range and make it realistic, don't forget, cheap can mean different things to different people. Just because it is cheap does not mean it is poor quality! Accessorize your outfit with cheap items too, even though they don't hold a massive price tag, they will hold a massive amount of attention on your night out. Finally, it is OK to borrow from friends and family; this saves you even more on your outfit and gives you an insight into other people's style sense too. So why not try your hand at bargain hunting now and get that gorgeous going out dress that will definitely look expensive but has actually saved you a small secretive fortune.
ShopSimple makes it easy for you to discover and buy the most trending going out dresses. Sign up for free to get updates of the fashionable trending products, more fashion styles and accessories at incredible prices. Join ShopSimple community now: http://www.shopsimple.com/

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Saturday, July 27, 2013


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1.      Try flared jeans.
Fitted jeans with a distinct flare at the bottom create the illusion of a longer leg— especially when the hem hits the top of your shoes (heels, of course!) The trick here is to keep the fit of the jean super-slim through the leg, and to make sure the waistband hits your natural waist—not any lower. For optimal height, be sure to pair your flares with a waist-length top, or a blouse you can tuck in.

2.     Don’t discount maxi skirts! 
It’s common fashion folklore that small women simply cannot wear floor-grazing skirts and dresses, but luckily that’s been proven entirely false. In fact, a well-cut maxi skirt can actually give you the appearance of looking taller, as evidenced by petite gals like 
Rachel Bilson, Rachel Zoe, and Mary-Kate Olsen. Choose solid versions that skim the length of your body, which will create a long vertical line (forego anything with thick pleats or too many layers.) Be sure to keep your top fitted—a tucked-in T-shirt and a cropped leather jacket, for example—so as to not drown in fabric. Also, make sure the skirt’s hemline is as long as you can go without tripping, and add a pair of wedges or heels underneath.

3.     Choose heels with a low-cut vamp.
Here’s small trick that can change the way you shoe shop: Shoes that have a low-cut vamp instantely elongate your leg (and make them look slimmer, as well) when you’re wearing skirts, shorts, and dresses. What’s a vamp? It’s the portion of a show that cuts across your foot at the front. So, a low vamp cuts across the base of the toes, while high vamp can come up the foot and possibly up to the ankle. If you’re able to find a pair that matches your skintone, like the image above, that’s even better to give the illusion of mile-long legs.

4. If you’re going short, go short!
When you’re petite, it’s just a fact that—when it comes to skirts and dresses—you should either go super-long, or super-short (translation: avoid calf-length and knee-lengths). Mini-skirts show more skin, which creates the illusion of a longer leg. Here, petite 
It-girl Miroslava Duma pairs her mini-skirt with a matching top (see tip #6!) and sky-high platforms. While ankle straps typically aren’t ideal for short ladies (they cut off your leg), they can work with super-short skirts since more skin is being shown. Of course, if you’re wearing a mini, make sure it’s not offensively short—let’s keep it chic, ladies.

Photo via Wander with Style
5. Rock a top knot!
Obvious, yes, but piling your hair on top of your head really does gives a taller impression, again creating a more vertical line. Same goes for hair that’s simply voluminous—it adds inches!
Time to put away that flatiron, friends.

Photo via Vogue Spain
6. Wear all one color.
Using color to enhance the illusion of height is a highly effective strategy, as it helps create a vertical line. While wearing head-to-toe black is the simplest—and eternally chicest—option, saturated hues work well, too (a look that’s incredibly 
now, as well.) The trick to monochrome dressing: Keep each silhouette crisp and tailored.

Photo via Stockholm Streetstyle
7. Say yes to high-waist bottoms!
High-waist bottoms get a bad rap, possibly thanks to 
an unfortunate Jessica Simpson style mishap, but when worn correctly, they can trick the eye into thinking you’re taller by elongating your lower body. Whether you choose skirts, shorts or skinny jeans, be sure to make the elevated waist visible by tucking in a tailored blouse, or opting for a slightly cropped top.

Photo via Auds3/Instagram
8. Wear pointy flats.
Since nobody can be expected to wear sky-high heels every day, petite gals should invest in a pair of pointy flats. Why? Because it’s a known fact that shoes with pointed toes lengthen your leg line.

Photo via The Pink Peonies
9. Rock out with vertical stripes.
It’s the oldest trick in the book for a reason: Vertical stripes create long lines, thus making you look, well, longer. Bonus: Stripes are one of spring’s biggest trends, so you’ll have absolutely no problem locating some cute striped options.

Image via Etsy
10. Ditch the gigantic shoulder bag!
Keeping your accessories appropriately scaled to your body size is a smart move for petite girls, starting with that oversized bag. Here’s why: Every time you cause the eye to take in width, you reduce the amount of height it takes in. That means smaller cross-body bags, clutches, and small top-handle totes are your best bet.

Photo via Joujou Villeroy
11. Chop your hair.
Long hair drags petite girls down, while shorter hair does the opposite. For the wary: A wavy lob (long bob) is the best option—it shows off your shoulders and your neckline, which makes you look taller (plus, it’s so chic!). Daring gals should go even shorter: a super-sleek chin-length bob or an elegant gamine-esque pixie.

Photo via Lookbook.Nu
12. Stick with skinny belts.
When it comes to belts, short girls should always opt for a skinny version—it’ll define your natural waist in the most flattering way possible, but won’t cut you in half the way a super-thick belt can, which causes you to look shorter.

Photo via Sincerely Jules
13. Be mindful of proportion.
When you’re petite, it’s imperative to be sure all your clothes fit properly (a good tailor is key!). Wearing cropped skinny jeans? Make sure they’re not 
too cropped and that the hem hits the ankle area—small gals should avoid anything resembling capri pants, as they cut your leg awkwardly. With blazers and jackets, always make sure the seams sit perfectly at the bony tops of your shoulders and that the sleeves hit exactly at your wrist.

Photo via Because I’m Addicted

14. Wear V-necks.
Tops with plunging V necklines give the illusion of a longer, leaner torso, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping for new tops this season!

Simple Fashion And Beauty Survival Tips : http://onlyfashion10.blogspot.com/2013/08/simple-fashion-and-beauty-survival-tips.html

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Friday, July 26, 2013

A hot vintage dress for a hot day

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A hot vintage dress  for a hot day  
Hi ;) it's me again , today it was a very hot day but I needed to go out  staying at home is very boring and for that I decided to wear this dress

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Best hair style

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Best hair style : today I'm going  to share with you the most amazing hair cut  ( I just love it ) ;) 

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fashion - A Fragile Grace

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Fashion - A Fragile Grace

I firmly believe that fashion is the ultimate form in which one can express themselves. An awareness of what is in trend is necessary to be with the times. People try to put comfort over fashion but I feel that fashion does not only exist in a dress but it has to do with a combination of trendy ideas. The whole ideology of fashion is to synchronize things around us and to make us look beautiful. However fashion does not mean over dressing as that makes us look like clowns. A person can look nice when he/she wears a dress which compliments his/her personality.
Fashion seems to be the most important aspect in a women's life. It is something that the females can do much better than men. It enhances the life and when the end results are good it gives pleasure. The concept of fashion cannot be same for the entire Diaspora of society. However fashion cannot be treated in singular terms, it is a collection of bits and bobs which are in vogue.
In my point of view fashion has a widespread diversity in it. Two people with opposing ideas can still be fashionable in their own ways. Fashion has many layers to it and with the increasing awareness about fashion many people have started indulging in it. Those who detest fashion may be the ones who need fashionable clothes in order to improve their looks. The fact is that when women do not like their appearance they criticize fashion but the dissatisfaction of women about their appearance is what fuels the fashion industry.
There are three basic rules in order to dress well which are:
1) Be comfortable in whatever you wear as that is what adds beauty automatically
2) Do not go overboard for dressing up as that may just be a fashion glitz
3) Follow the latest trends by keeping an eye on what celebrities wear
If you follow these three fundamental rules then you can be sure that you will definitely land up being well dressed wherever you go.
The new era of fashion has seen a lot of changes. It is no longer for stereotypes but it is all about the individual style and there are no rules. You can easily select your own fashion trend and go along with it. After all the beauty of fashion is that it has lot of variety and character and it can lend its fragile grace to anyone who seeks it.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Superb dresses

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Today  I was in my way to bay some lingerie as I said last night but in  the way I made a quick stops on my favorite Shoppe and I couldn't resist baying those dresses

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Sunday, July 21, 2013


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Today I decided to throw away the lingerie I don't need and I'm keeping only this ones and tomorrow I'm going to Shoppe for some new ones 

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

perfect dress

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I was searching the net and I found this pic
I have one comment " perfect body for the perfect dress"

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Friday, July 19, 2013


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To day I took papers  to try to do some design  and this is what I did

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bébé dress

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today I'm going to visit my sister so I decided to do a little shopping for a gift to his daughter and this is what I have chosen

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Thursday, July 18, 2013


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1. Wrap an empty bottle of your favorite perfume in a handkerchief and tuck it into your underwear drawer for a subtle scent.
2. Heat can warp your glasses frames, so always keep them in a hard case and never wear them on your head on a hot day.
3. Spray shirts prone to sweat stains with lemon juice before washing. The natural acid dissolves alkaline sweat reside that could cause yellow discoloration.
4. “It’s a myth that loose styles flatter a large bust or a plus-size woman. The area just under the bust is a woman’s smallest torso measurement, so emphasizing it with a structured waistband that hits higher than your natural waist will make you look a size smaller. —BG Krishnan, President, eShakti.com
5. Use shaving cream and a washcloth to remove liquid makeup from shirt collars.

6. A modern trick to looking like the most effortlessly stylish girl in the room: Pair dressy bottoms (a velvet maxi, a leather or beaded skirt, silk pants) with a worn gray crew-neck sweatshirt or T-shirt.
7. When it doubt, always choose the smaller denim size, since jeans stretch with wear.
8. “Never dry a wet shoe with heat. Let it dry naturally in open air. Heat will dry out leather and the lifespan of the shoe will be cut in half.”
 —Jordan Adoni, Designer, Modern Vice
9. The easiest way to make your closet look organized: Buy all the same hangers for everything–same color, same shape.
10. Before bed, pour two or three tablespoons of baking soda into sweaty workout sneakers and tilt the shoe to distribute the soda evenly. This will eat any odor and absorb perspiration.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


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1. “For guaranteed weight loss, I advise people to follow my A, B, C’s – no Alcohol, Bread or processed Carbs.”
—David Kirsch, celebrity trainer and fitness guru.
2. To prevent clothing from wrinkling in a suitcase, fold everything in plastic dry cleaning bags.
3. If you can’t fit two fingers underneath your bra band comfortably, it’s probably too tight.
4. Pile on good accessories—scarves, sunglasses, hats, statement jewelry—to instantly transform even the most basic outfit.

5. Confused about laundry settings? Remember this: The hotter the water, the cleaner the clothing will be. While warm water is fine for most clothes, linens and dirty white clothing are best washed in hot water to remove germs and heavy soil. Cold water is usually used for delicates.
6. A structured hat should rest about 1/8 to a 1/2-inch above the ears.
7. After a shower, use your hairdryer to de-mist bathroom mirrors in seconds.
8. A good tip when cleaning out your closet: Ask a friend whose style you admire to come over and help. She/he might offer new insight on how to wear certain items before you toss them.
9. It might sound “budget,” but a hot glue gun works amazingly well to hem skirts, pants and even jeans in a pinch.

10. Looking for uses for all the single socks you’ve amassed while doing laundry? When you’ve got aches or pains, fill a sock with dry beans or rice and pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Voila, an instant (and free) heating pad.
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