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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Best 8 Cocktail Dresses To Rock Every Party

Is it party time?
Are you all excited and just can't wait for the party to get started?
Have you decided what to wear?
Making a call on your outfit for a party is always a challenge. We women want to look beautiful, unique and simply the best. And, if we get to have our way, we also want to be the centre of everybody's attention and envy by sporting an ensemble that blows everybody's mind away.
So what are you wearing to the next party?
Cocktail Dresses
Some trends never go out of style. Cocktail dresses have been in vogue for as long as we can remember and they'll probably continue to grace our feminine appeal for a long time. So how about wearing a cocktail dress to this party and putting your best foot... oops, dress... forward?
Let's take a look at the Top 8 Cocktail Dresses for 2013 and get this party started.
1. Floral Print Dress
A floral print dress, the rage during summers, is perfect for every season and every occasion. Elegance, charm, beauty and appeal are what a floral cocktail dress brings to your look. The best part about cocktail dresses is that you will never run out of color, pattern and design options.
2. Embroidered Bodice Dresses
Lost weight recently and want to flatter your torso? Embroidered cocktail dresses are the perfect way to draw attention to your neckline and waistline. These dresses also make you look elegant and charming at the same time.
3. The Little Red Dress
Red stands for flirty, fun and sexy. You can never go wrong with red at a party. A red dress will double your appeal and make you one of the hottest guests at the party. So if there are any ex-boyfriends in the guest list, you now know what color to wear.
4. Bow Back Dresses
We go all out to make sure we look great from the front. We choose patterns that flatter our necklines and waistlines, floral and lace detailing that enhances the front of the dress and other such patterns. But now it's time to show off that sexy back at this party and what better way to do so than with a bow back cocktail dress?
5. Sequined Skater Dress
Do you want to doll up for this party? Go for a skater dress in a light pastel shade and your mission will be accomplished. To add that extra charm to your dress, go in for a patterned torso design with a sequined skater dress.
6. Color Block Dresses
Color block dresses are great for an office party. They have an air of professional elegance to them that is difficult to miss.
7. Cross Back Dresses
Show off that sexy back and your sultry figure in an appealing cross back dress. The party just got many degrees hotter.
8. Striped Dresses
Stripes are huge in 2013. Pick your favorite color for an elegant, yet funky striped dress and take pride in being the most fashionable soul at the party
Are you ready to rock the party? With these 8 cocktail dresses, being the centre of everybody's attention is not a distant dream anymore.
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