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Thursday, June 20, 2013

5 Simple Fashion Tips for Men

Men's fashion can always be as fun as the women's. All you have to do is to learn how to go about finding your own style. Take these 5 simple tips and add your personality in order to find the right combination that will work for you.
  • 1. Fit is Important
If you want to look your very best, you need clothes that fit you well. Though this means you have to have some thing tailored, the most spectacular improvement that you could do to your style is to ensure that everything fits perfectly. A lot of guys wear clothes that are too big for them while some wear clothes that are too tight. Make sure everything that you wear hugs the shape of your body but not too tightly. Wearing bad fitting clothes is a big NO. It is a bad habit that you must get rid of.
  • 2. Simplicity
You definitely want clothes that will look perfect on you. Well, it is understandable that you would want to look great and feel great, but don't overdo it. Don't fill your body with accessories. Don't wear over three pieces of jewelry. On the other hand, also don't wear more than three colors or you'll look like a rainbow. Unless you are a member of a rock band, don't dress up like a rock star. If you want to standout, wear simple clothes while having that stylish look. For instance, you can sport a black striped shirt and a white blazer, a dressy belt, a dark colored pair of jeans, and dress shoes. You may also want to wear a flashy watch or a simple accessory, like a necklace, to complete your look.
  • 3. Supporting Clothes
Some sweaters are lean while others are too big and stocky. The general rule of thumb is the top and the bottom halves should match. In case you're planning to wear a big and chunky fisherman knit sweater, the bottom should be rugged too. Never pair a fisherman's sweater with wonderful silk or wool suit pants. Something casual like cargo pants can go better with it.
  • 4. Shopping
When shopping, never go alone. A lot of times, we depend on the sales people when we shop. Remember that these sales people work for commissions and it's tough to trust them when it comes to your own style.
  • 5. Casual
Wearing casual clothing doesn't need to be boring. Have fun experimenting with collared shirts or get some inspiration from people who see casual dressing a bit differently.
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  2. I think getting the right fit is the most valuable point! If the clothing you buy is too small or too big it will look ridiculous when on so fit is essential. I always make my husband try mens clothing on when he is in shops because it can vary quite a bit! Plus it saves me a journey to exchange it if he tries it there and then as it will be me returning it ;)