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Monday, June 24, 2013

Owning One Of A Kind Jewelry

By Lawanda Burch

There is an increasing demand for one of a kind jewelry as people seek for ways to express their individuality. They want to wear pieces that make them feel special. Designers are pushing the boundaries in creating these pieces, using a combination of all sorts of materials, colors and techniques to produce them.

Pieces are selected by the wearer to reflect their particular style and character. Each piece has a character of its own, unlike mass produced items created by machines. For example, there may be differences in size, shape, color, materials used and how they are combined.

Whether it is a necklace of a special color and design to match an outfit or a simple pair of earrings, these items are wonderful to own and to wear. They not only make one stand out in a crowd but can provide just the right finishing touch for a special outfit. Choosing a number of items for wearing every day can help with expression of an individual style, whether it is vintage, classic, funky or fun.

These pieces of jewelry make wonderful gifts. A piece can be chosen to suit the personality of the individual, whether it is a simple necklace with striking beads or an ethnic bracelet in bold colors. It is appreciated for its distinctive qualities and the care with which it was chosen.

Increasing numbers of designers are able to support themselves by making a living from the pieces they design and make. Having online websites gives them the opportunity of selling their products to customers worldwide. As long as they offer a reliable service, people are more than willing to pay for the satisfaction of wearing unique pieces.

Designers are not just using gold and silver today but are making use of a great variety of other non precious materials too. Stainless steel and plastics are just some of these. Some are even making use of elements of existing pieces they have found in antique stores and recreating them, combining them with more modern elements to produce fashion forward items. Old and new pieces are juxtaposed in interesting combinations.

Over the past decades, many changes have taken place. Globalization has had an influence on styles and colors. Bold African colors and delicate Asian designs have had an impact. Techniques used have improved with all the technological advancements. Thinking has also changed and designers are using more freedom not only in the materials they are using but in how they combine them.

There is access to boundless new processes and techniques with which to combine different elements. Vintage elements are juxtaposed with modern chains and beads to make pieces fashion forward. Even the most traditional forms and techniques are used to create exciting new looks.

One of a kind jewelry is often created by artists who work from the heart. They are inspired to put together materials and colors in unpredictable ways, creating pieces that are very distinctive in nature. These can be worn with pride and may even be passed down through generations.

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