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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Evolution of Free People Clothing

The idea for Free People actually started decades ago, in the 1970s. It was then that Dick Hayne opened the first store named Free People in Philadelphia. He catered to young people living in the city. As his line of clothing became more popular, he expanded the business and changed the name to Urban Outfitters.
Hayne's wife, Meg, was put in charge of the private label division, which produced clothes exclusive to Urban Outfitters. Demand nearly outstripped supply for these unique pieces. In response, Hayne instituted a wholesale line. It quickly took off and the two different businesses were separated. The wholesale company was known by several different names, including Bulldog and Anthropologie, before it finally went on to become Free People once again and regained its roots.
The Clothing Today
Free People strives to fill the need for young women to express their femininity, spirit, and courage, while appealing to a more mature clientele. The company has kept its quality high and prices affordable in order to reach its target demographic of a 26-year-old woman with an adventurous, creative spirit.
All of the design and production is done in-house. This allows Free People to create a full and diverse line of clothing to suit nearly any twenty-something woman, whether her style is softly feminine or more carefree tomboy. They offer options that allow a woman to mix and match pieces and patterns and colors. Free People clothes are appropriate on the beach, at a club, or even in a casual workplace.
Their specialties include knits, sweaters, and skirts, from on-the-town fashionable to weekend casual. Their newest additions include a line of intimates and accessories. These new lines include a variety of jewelry, shoes, belts, and even fake eyelashes and black lipstick. Bras, slips, and panties in edgy styles and materials can also be found. Hats and bags perfect for the beach are some of their current seasonal items.
Where to Find It
There are only three showrooms nationwide and these are located in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Two department stores carry their products. The bulk of their sales comes from specialty stores and boutiques - both online and traditional bricks and mortar.
An online store is the best bet for finding the greatest sales prices and the largest amount of inventory. Free People clothing lines are updated seasonally, and it can be hard to find last month's pieces at all but an internet boutique.
Free People clothing is de rigueur for any woman in her twenties who wants to look fashionable and chic without breaking the bank. You cannot beat the quality, price, or styling. So go ahead and update your wardrobe by doing a bit of virtual shopping now.
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