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Monday, September 9, 2013

How To Do French Twist Hair Style Into Rope Braid

Braids are quite fashionable these days and I cannot deny that most of the braid styles look gorgeous. Unfortunately they are not easy to do, but I am sure that this skill could be learnt through exercises, so don`t worry.
In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a fashionable rope braid. Be prepared for lots of braiding as beautiful things require time and dedication.
Before you start doing this style, you should be aware of how to waterfall braid and French braid. First thing to is to make 5 sections, as if you are starting the waterfall braid, but don`t finish it for now, just clip it away. Then braid the strands of the waterfall braid. When you are ready, take the first long braid and incorporate it into the waterfall base as shown on the picture. Continue with French braid until you add all the thin, long braids.
On picture 5 you see how your hair should look like at this stage.
Then simply tug at the braids to loosen them. When you are happy with how it looks like, simply continue with a simple three strand braid to finish the hair style. Wonderful, isn`t it?
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