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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Collect Jewelry For A New Hobby

By Melba Hardy

If there is a favorite hobby every jewel lover should have, it is jewelry collecting. Others also consider this as a means of profit. To collect jewelry, one must not have a sufficient wealth of money, but skills that could be helpful. These skills can determine what to look for in finding the right jewel. People get cheated while buying jewels so the first to keep in mind is not get cheated.

The eyes are responsible for the sense of sight. It is also the best tool for spotting genuine jewels. It is the judge of major and minor details. One attribute that your eyes should possess is acuity. It helps in finding jewels of high quality standards.

Differentiating between the real and fake requires details. It is part of the eye training that every collector should know. Part of the training is knowing what to find.

Look for any signs of damage and withering. Worn plating, missing or cracked stoned, chipped enamel, and cloudy rhinestones are a few things to consider. These types of damage are irreparable and lessens the quality of the jewel. Scratches in gold and silver are okay since they can be fixed.

Soldering markings are historical representation of repairs. Around the stone, dust can be spotted. It is a helpful indicator of age. It is also an indicator of the era it is categorized. Unless you like playing the high stakes, beginners should not aim for the expensive types. It is recommended to buy the cheap and mildly expensive items to be sure and gain the experience needed. The experience will help for future purchase.

It is best to familiarize the signatures, stamps, and trademark of the designers. It is found on the back so ask the seller to flip it over. It is one way of finding out if it is fake or not. The weight also is an indicant of fakes so be familiar with each weight of the jewel.

Diamonds are always very expensive even if it is damaged. To understand the value of a diamond, one must learn the four Cs in judging a diamond which consist of cut, color, clarity, and carat. Diamonds sparkle white and gray lights. If it shines like a rainbow, it is a faux diamond. Another helpful way in determine if it is fake is your breath. If you try breathing on the stone, wait for two or three seconds. If it disappears before or during the time, it is real. If it does not disappear, then you have a fake.

Unique and fancy jewels are not always rare. They are well placed in shelves with other designs to give the deception of rarity. These jewels might be found on other stores with a lesser price. Most good collectors buy books for reference. These can be found in book stores and online selling sites.

To collect jewelry, bear in mind the importance of the knowledge that can be learned. The chance of being cheated is reduced most especially to starters. It does take many errors until one is learned enough. Firsthand experience is always worth the try.

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