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Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Make Chainmaille Jewelry

By Kathy Kaufman

When you think of things made of chainmaille, you probably picture medieval armor or other larger pieces. However, in recent times, chainmaille jewelry has also become very popular as a unique, attractive type of accessory. If you like the looks of these pieces, it is fun and easy to start making your own in just a few simple steps.

Whether it is making up a necklace or a whole shirt, chainmaille itself is primarily made up of small interlocked metal rings. Therefore, if you will be creating jewelry from it, you will first need to obtain enough of these rings to complete your project. After deciding on the size and wire thickness that you want to use, you must choose whether you will purchase your rings already made or make them yourself.

If you have a specific type of ring in mind, whether it must be of a particular size, thickness, or even color, it can sometimes be easier to make your own than to look everywhere for the perfect match. To begin, you will require a metal rod that has the right diameter for the finished rings, as well as enough wire of the proper type to make them. Once these have been gathered, take the wire and wind it firmly and evenly around the rod.

After all the wire has been used, slide it carefully off the rod and snip each ring individually with wire cutters. Make sure that they are all snipped evenly so that each one is exactly the same size, as this will help your jewelry look evenly made. Open the ends of each one slightly with pliers once they have been cut, so that they may be more easily handled as they are woven together.

No matter if you decided to purchase rings or cut your own, you are now ready for the next step, which offers a bit more variety. Weaving the chainmaille itself is not a process that has one direct path, but is rather one that can be accomplished a variety of ways. Try looking up some pictures of different types of weaves to see which one best fits the type of accessory that you have in mind.

No matter which type of weave you choose, you will be interlocking the rings together in different ways. Some weaves are better for making larger pieces, while some form longer strips that are better for things like bracelets and necklaces. Consider your goal carefully when making the decision.

When you have your chainmaille ready, you can put it together to form your jewelry. Whether you want to display it by itself or add embellishments like gemstones, it is sure to be eye-catching. Do not forget about things like clasps or pins as finishing touches.

You can create a stylish, fantastic wardrobe enhancement easily if you learn to make chainmaille jewelry. Everyone who sees your work will want to know where you got it. When they find out that you made it yourself, do not be surprised if they ask you to make a piece for them as well!

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