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Monday, June 24, 2013

Competing With Kentucky Derby Hats

By Melba Hardy

When you think of horse races, it is hard not to think of the Kentucky Derby. It is one of the most popular and well-attended sporting events in the country, but it is not just about the race itself. Many people are also fascinated by Kentucky Derby hats, which have become almost as much a symbol of the race as the horses that run in it.

Celebrities and regular people alike love to show off their fancy head wear at this event. After all, selecting something unique and attention-getting is a great way to get noticed, which is something that everyone wants. After the race, it is not uncommon to see online photo galleries full of the best hat ideas.

The official race organizers see the popularity of these hats as a part of the tradition of the race. Therefore, they are very supportive of the many competitions that take place around them. If you are interested in seeing just how well your own creativity can hold up against the creations of others, then you may be interested in seeking one of these out.

If you simply want to wear a wonderful Derby hat of your own, or if you are interested in entering one of the many contests, you can easily do so. By searching online, you will be able to find an array of ready-made pieces for your perusal. Many specialty designers know how seriously people take their Derby hats, and take great pains to make the best ones.

If ready-made hats just don't seem to fulfill what you want, though, you can always try making your very own. This does not have to be a huge undertaking, but it certainly can get elaborate if you want it to. If this is the path you decide to take, you should decide ahead of time exactly how big you would like your finished product to be.

If you want to lean more towards the fashion end of things, then you will likely decide to coordinate your head wear with your outfit. In this case, choose a basic hat that matches or complements your clothing, and then start designing around that. You may like adding flowers or ribbons, or even beads or gemstones.

For a themed piece, the process can get a little more complex. You may find it helpful to sketch out your ideas first to see exactly what types of materials you will need before you get started, so there are no surprises midway through. You can get very creative with this particular approach, so do not be afraid to try out ideas that might seem a little crazy!

It does not matter whether you are watching the big race from the television in your living room or from the track itself. Kentucky Derby hats can be a fun and fashionable addition to the proceedings either way. You will love the results you can get by expressing your own personal style, and if you include your friends in the fun, you will love seeing all the wacky ways that they end up doing the same.

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