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Thursday, September 26, 2013

High heels – women’s best friends

High heels – women’s best friends, women’s, High heels,

There is hardly any woman who has at least one pair of high-heeled shoes . Also, there is hardly any woman who has not experienced pains in the toes and feet, which are a consequence of a whole day walking with high heels .
Why women are willing to risk to get blisters on their feet and feel unstable on thin heels ? To look good , of course!
A new study finds that ultra high heels make women more sexy than if it is flat shoes , even if the husband does not see her face or figure .
High shoes make women more attractive because ” enhance femininity ” by changing the way a woman moves her buttocks , thighs and legs, and emphasizing the curves of her body .
The higher the shoe , the sexy the lady is . According to the researchers ‘ choice of partner ” is the main reason why women prefer to wear high heels.
Women participating in the study had an average of ten pairs of heels and wore them at least once a week. They had been shot four minutes to go with flat shoes and shoes with 6- inch heel . To avoid the attractiveness to influence other factors , the researchers allowed the judges to see only shadows , while the women went .
The jury , which involved both men and women whether its estimates after watching a 30- second video clips of women with low and high shoes. All women were judged more attractive when wearing high heels.
Researchers found that women in high heels  move faster , increasing steps from 106 to 110 per minute , but reduce the amount of steps from 1.24 to 1.20 m . Researchers concluded that women in the high-heeled shoes are significantly more attractive than the same women, but with low shoes .
” The ladies in high heels move in a way that is much more characteristic of female gait. Results confirmed the view that wearing high shoes help women to look more attractive .
High heels – women’s best friends, women’s, High heels,

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