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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Top 10 Trends for Fall 2013 / Winter 2014

Winter 2014, Trends for Fall 2013, Trends,
by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)
If you’re looking for fall fashion 2013, and you’re a woman over 50, here are the season’s top ten trends. Money is tight. Clothing ain’t cheap. Listen to Tina.
Even if you’re a Baby Boomer chick who doesn’t have a lot of time for shopping malls and vanity mirrors, I know you don’t want to end up looking like a dumpy frump. Hey, I know that money is tight unless you’re married to a Wall Street churner or a D.C. lobbyist, but whether you end up shopping at Neiman’s or Target, you should know Tina’s Top 10 Trends for Fall 2013.
Winter 2014, Trends for Fall 2013, Trends,
1. Top Color for Fall: Fuchsia
Yes, the hottest color for fall is fuchsia. Actually, I just made that up after reading about the “top” trendy colors listed on all the “biggest and baddest” fashion websites. Of course, it all seems a bit silly to me. Depending on which article you read, the hottest color is either gray, green, white, or blue.
Well, they can’t ALL be the hottest color.
However, I’m a colorista, so I know what the hottest color is. The HOTTEST color for fall 2013 is “Your Color”. And, don’t try to find it on the Pantone charts, because it’s not there.
“Your Color” is the color that lights up your face when you wear it. And, to find “Your Color”, grab some clothes in different colors, hold the fabric next to your face and look in the mirror. (Find a mirror that is near a window because you need to see your face in natural “outdoor” light, if possible.) You will recognize “Your Color” when you see it, because your skin will glow and the bags under your eyes won’t look so bad.
For me, “Your Color”… well “My Color”… is fuchsia or magenta or any deep pink. And, though I seldom wear fuchsia from head to toe, I try to wear it near my face. In addition, I know what my other “good” colors are and ALL of them are trendy colors this season.
Follow my advice and buy “Your Color”. That’s what’s hot! That’s what’s in style!
2. Hot Boots for Fall: Women Over 50
One or two websites say that the hottest boot for fall is the over-the-knee boot. Well, you’re too old for that, unless you want to look like an over-the-hill, clueless Hollywood celebrity. So, Tina’s top boot trends for fall are:
Winter 2014, Trends for Fall 2013, Trends,
Booties with chunky heels: Fat heels give you stability so you won't fall on your booty.
Knee-high boots with stacked heels: I want to make sure that greasy men in ugly American cars won't roll down their windows to find out how much you charge for a good time. (If you're wearing thigh-high boots, people might mistake you for Julia Roberts' mother... as in "Pretty Woman's Grandma Does Dallas".)
3. Hat Trends for Fall
Yes, finally admitted that hats are one of the top ten trends for fall, and that’s because a couple of designers showed runway models wearing beanies. Well, beanies are good if you have the right type of face (like my daughters do) or if you’re a drug dealer standing near a bus stop on a rainy day
owever, fashionable women over 50, are better off wearing hats that are a bit more flattering. Tina’s top hat trends for fall are cloches and fedoras. Other cute options include embellished berets and big floppy hats.

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